Your Shoes may be the Obstacle in your Career !

You might have heard that shoes are reflection of your whole personality. But you might not have heard that your shoes can play an important role in your career journey. Here we are bringing some suggestion from Astrology (Jyotish) that will make you think more about your shoes.

According to Jyotish our shoes are connected with Shani (Shani). It has the ability to ruin the career of anybody. Here are a few tips about your shoes.

  • Never wear a gifted shoe or a shoe stolen from somebody.
  • Never go for an interview wearing a worn off shoe or a torn shoe.
  • Wearing a brown shoe at your workplace will affect negatively in your work.
  • If you are working in medical sector or if your work is related to iron, then you should not wear white shoes.
  • People related to Banking and Education Sector should not wear coffee color shoes.
  • If your work is related to water or Ayurveda then you should not wear blue shoes.

Some people may not believe in Jyotish, but whats the harm in follwing these tips for a few weeks. If you feel that something good is happening then you will automatically continue this practice. The tips given above are just related to your professional life, not personal life. So you may wear any colour shoes when you are not at your workplace.
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  1. nice article. I didnt know abt. brown shoes. Cause someone had asked me not to wear black shoes. so i was wearing brown for last 10 years in job. I will try other colour and reply back.