What happened when a Nude Monk lectured in Haryana Assembly

On 26th Aug 2016, a nude monk named Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj walked into the Haryana Assembly on invitation of a minister to address the assembly on opening day of monsoon session. He delivered a 40 minute long speech.

His speech was in his signature style, like an angry young man.

Main points covered in his speech were Female foeticide (Kanya Bhrun Hatya), Rape incidents, husband wife, politicians and citizens. In between he also tried to put some laughter in the house with some poetry.
His solution to female feoticide is that people should not marry their daughters in such families where there are no daughters. (However some people may not agree with that, especially those with a single child).
He also asked for a retirement age for politicians. (most of us will agree with)

His advice to opposition is to oppose is a good way and be a good lawmaker.
He also pointed out the matter of 160 MPs with criminal cases registered on them.
His overall speech has a mixed reaction among members of assembly and general public. However he is a reputed saint in Jain community, but some people don't like the idea of a nude monk walking into the assembly.
A part of his speech is available on youtube at the following link:
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