What happened when a Pakistani Hindu came to Delhi

What you are going to read here might be unbelievable for some Indians but its true according to Huffingtonpost, a famous news blog.

Its about the real condition of Hindus living in Pakistan.
A Pakistani Hindu recently visited Delhi on a pilgrimage visa. One of his friend talked to him about Pakistan, condition of Hindus in pakistan, forced conversions and many more.

His answer to condition of  Hindus in Pakistan was something to hear. He said that condition of Hindus in Pakistan is better than condition of Muslims in India.
He told that during past few decades a number of pakistani families (both hindu and muslim) have shifted abroad to avoid any worst circumstances. But conditions have improved in past few years and he would not shift anywhere from Karachi.
When the topic of forced religion conversion was discussed, he told that only one out of ten such news in true. In most of the cases hindu girls fall in love with some muslim guy and willingly convert their religion (what we call love-jihad here). Only one in ten case is a forceful conversion which is hyped by media and people in India pity on the condition of Hindus in Pakistan. According to Pakistani law, even if a Hindu man wants to marry a muslim girl, he needs to covert religion, not the girl.

Minorities in every country need to face some challenges. Pakistan is not different from them. We in India fall prey to media. News channel mix some hype with genuine news and we can't distinguish between them.
If you don't believe the thing written above then you should read the reference article given below.
Reference: http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2016/07/25/when-a-pakistani-hindu-visited-delhis-jama-masjid/

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