Surgical Strikes on PAKISTAN ! Must Read !

Recent Surgical Strikes on POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) on different terror Camps has boosted the patriotism in all Indians. Most of the Indians are happy with this step, that our Government and Army has taken. Everybody is celebrating this thing as if it is some sort of festive occasion. Families of those soldiers who lost their lives in Pathankot and Oori are also happy and want some more such strikes.

Indians across the internet are spreading messages on Facebook and Whatsapp to spread their happiness of Surgical Strikes on Pakistan. Here are a few such messages that will make you happy.

Dear Pakistani terrorists, you don't need to cross LOC for getting killed. Army has started home delivery. Special festive season offer 😉

सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक का पहला उदाहरण भी विश्व में भारत देश ने ही दिया था।
हनुमान जी लंका जाके लंका जला आये थे। ये सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक का सबसे प्रथम उदाहरण है।
जय जय बजरंग बली😂😂😂

Surgical operations On Pakistan reminds me of a famous dialogue by the legend actor RAJ KUMAR...
"Hum tumhe maarenge, 
aur zaroor maarenge...
lekin wo bandook bhi humari hogi
goli bhi humari hogi...
aur waqt bhi humara hoga!" 
Sirf jagah tumhari hogi!

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Apart from that a number of hash tags are trending on Twitter like #ModiPunishesPak and #SurgicalStrikes.

Political parties (especially opposition) can't change their attitude towards Modi even in such a situation. Instead of Congratulating both Army and Government, they are congratulating only Indian Army. Army was same even during during UPA Rule. But now the leader (Shri Narendra Modi) is not just a mere spectator like MaunMohan.

Few more jokes are also trending that i just found now.

Optional Question:
Nawaz Sharif now-
A. Call obama
B. Fly china
C. Khwaja mere Khwaja

Hearing about surgical strike Rahul Gandhi is saying he will support the surgeons who went on strike.

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