Hanuman Ji can help you in making a Good Career

Hanuman, who is also known as Monkey God in western countries, is not just a God to pray. His life gives us a number of lessons, following which can lead us to a better career and life. Here we will put some light on those things that we can learn from life of Hanuman and help ourselves in leading to a better career.

Never feel defeated: Defeat is when you accept it. If you don't and continue to carve for success then you will get it. Hanuman faced many challenges while searching for Sita and reached the sea shore. That was the time when people didn't know about any land after the sea. But Hanuman didn't accept the defeat and found Sita after crossing the Sea.
Use your Brain more than your Muscles: We all know Hanuman for his well build body and Muscle power. But what we don't know is that he was most intellectual person of his time. He knew it that brain power is more powerful than muscle power. He proved it while fighting with lady demon Sursa while crossing the sea. He avoided the fight by changing himself into a very tiny being and saved the time for searching Sita.
Never be in Control of Mind: Our mind is built in a way that it will stop at nothing. No matter what you have attained in life, your mind will crave for more. So if you have learned to control your mind, then you have found the key to happiness. Our mind has the ability to keep us fighting for more until our body remains good for nothing. If you control it then you can remain healthy and happy.
Alway remain Faithful: Hanuman's life teaches us to be faithful to your parents, teacher and boss. Hanuman was himself a king but he found it better to serve Sugriv and Lord Ram. He performed his duty with full faith and respect, and today he is known as the best Ram-bhakt ever born.

Follow these simple tips from the life of Hanuman and make your life and career into something that will give you happiness and healthiness.   
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