Army Rally Bharti Pull Ups Test (Marks with Count)

Pull Ups are 2nd most important thing in Army Bharti Physical Test. 1st most important is Running Test. Here we will discuss the Pull Ups Test and Marks awarded for it.

Pull Ups are done in the way shown in the picture above. Marks are awarded according to the number of Pull Ups done. Maximum 40 Marks are there for Pull Ups in complete Physical Test.

Marks and Number of Pull Ups

  • 40 Marks for 10 and above
  • 33 Marks for 9 Pull Ups
  • 27 Marks for 8 Pull Ups
  • 21 Marks for 7 Pull Ups
  • 16 Marks for 6 Pull Ups

If you are preparing for Army Bharti then its better to prepare for Pull Ups as well. Also keep in mind the way to do the pull ups. Pull Ups can be done in two ways. You should practice with the one shown in picture above. Keep your palm towards your face while practicing for Pull Ups. Usually guys in Gym practice with their palm facing outwards.

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