Why you should not do a job ?

Usually after reaching a certain age or after passing out of Graduation people ofter start asking each other "Do you get a Job ?". Its a common thing. But few people don't get a job because they don't want to. Are these people dumb or something. Here you will get answer.

Top reasons why you should not do a job ?

  • Its a misconception that a job is the only source to earn income. Job is just trading money for your time. But few smart people can also earn while sleeping, eating or playing.
  • If you are talented and expert in something then you can earn using that talent. For that you just need to be a little smart to polish your talent and find people who can trade your talent (not time).
  • You can start you own business. Jobs are for hard workers but business is for smart workers. Job gives you surety of your income on per month basis, but in business its on how you perform.
  • Jobs often make us feel bored. Its a common problem with most of the employees in every industry. So if you can't afford to get bored the job is not suitable for you.
  • If you like to take risks then you are not made for a job. Risks are for adventurous people and sometime s the players of calculated risks can earn a lot using this talent.
  • Smart people make systems that can earn for you 24x7. It can include a business, being an investor in some one else's business, or making something to earn you royalty income throughout your life.
  • People with orthodox thinking should do a job, as they think that by doing a job they gain experience to do their own business. But its rather false in opinion. To learn playing golf you need to play golf, you don't need to work for some other golf player by carrying his sticks.

Note: In the end its necessary to be realistic. Don't get too much motivated by the lines written above. A job is the best thing for a family person. It provides surety of income on a regular basis.
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