List of Universities in Mizoram

There are several universities in Mizoram. These universities with different specializations provide opportunity to students to excel in the fields of their interest by doing higher studies. Here on this page we have provided a list of universities in Mizoram. There is parameter in that list named "Specialization". Specialization tells that in whats type of subjects the university is specialized in. It provides an idea to student , if the course of his interest will e there in that university or not.

Along with their location their is a parameter "Section 12(B)?". This Section 12B belongs to UGC Act 1956, which declares some universities fit to receive assistance/funds from centre/UGC. Even if some university is not approved under Section 12B, that doesn't mean that its not a genuine university.

List of Private Universities in Mizoram

Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, MizoramAizawlManagement

List of Central Universities in Mizoram

Mizoram UniversityAizawl (Mizoram)
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