Bigg Boss 10 Entry Registration Application Form for Common Man

You might be surprised that why we have written a article on Bigg Boss 10. The reason is that it can be a good source of a income for a common man. Recently an advertisement appeared on TV Channels that a common man can also apply for Bigg Boss 10 through Colors TV Website. Its registration form can be filled by any common man of India. However the criteria for selection is not disclosed but surely it will be interesting. Also the number of common people to be selected for Bigg Boss Season 10 is not disclosed.

Tips to get selected for Bigg Boss 10

On the registration page you will see "Apply Now" button. Before going to that button its better to have some online presence. Here online presence means that you should have

  • Facebook Account
  • Email Account (yahoo / gmail / hotmail)
  • Twitter Account
  • Instagram Account
If you have already have these accounts, its also necessary that you have used them in a regular way. Your usage history will selectors to view your profile and judge you in a better way.

Before Applying for Bigg Boss 10

Before applying for Bigg Boss 10 and filling the registration application, its necessary to have following items on your phone or computer ready for usage.

  • A digital / scanned Photo
  • A video of yours.

How to Apply for Bigg Boss 10

To get an entry into Bigg Boss 10 house, you need to apply online through colors tv website .  The link of registration page is given here.

Last date to Apply: 31.05.2016

Bigg Boss 10 will be on TV by September 2016. Its last date have a few weeks left so its better to have a good online presence by then and also get a good video shot by some professional to show some of your talents. However Bigg Boss 10 is not a talent hunt show, so try to show your survival instincts in the video. I don't know if its the correct advice as nobody knows the selection criteria for a common man. Also the number of celebrities and common man is not disclosed as well.

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Bigg Boss 10 Prize Money

Prize Money for Bigg Boss 10 is not declared yet but it should be around 35 Lakh to 50 Lakh.
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