10 Part Time Jobs with Highest Earnings (Lakhs per Month)

Part Time Jobs are those jobs that you can do with your regular job or study (if you are still a student). Several people utilize their talent and earn good money just by spending a few hours every day. Money is money. It can help you in your student life and can also help you in your regular expenses or you can utilize it in your hobbies (as i do mine). Instead of talking about money expenditure i should tell you now about some interesting part time job. You can choose any one of them for yourselves depending on the talent you have got.

10 Part-time jobs with Highest Earnings

  • Freelance Photographer: If you are an expert in photography and have some good DSLR Cameras then you can work as an product photographer. In this job you have to click pics of some products that are to be launched in market. These pics may be used for advertising purpose. This field have got a wide demand for real talent. If you have knowledge of photo editing softwares then its an add-on qualification for this purpose.
  • Programmer: If you are expert in some computer programming language then you can easily earn money by working for some client which are available on various freelance websites. Here you get paid on per hour basis starting from Rs 1500 to 2000 per hour. Now a days android app developers are more in demand.
  • Copy Editor / Proof Reader: If you are an expert in a language and want to earn some money using that talent then you can work as a proof reader.In that job you have to some already written content for spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. In such type of job you get money according to number of pages or words that you have checked.
  • Online Communication Associate: If you know how to use social media then you can get this job where you get paid around Rs 1500 per hour just for keeping an eye on social media content.
  • Bilingual Legal Assistant: If you have good knowledge of law and you are an expert in two languages then you should apply for this job. If you have got a law degree and also have done certificate course in some languages then you should try your luck in such type of job.
  • Data Entry / Data Research: In such type of job either you need to research on internet and collect some data in a software or you just need to reassemble some data. If you have knowledge of some softwares like oracle, MS Excel and internet researching then you can easily manage to do such job. 
  • Sign Language Interpreter: If you know the sign language then you can earn from your talent. Several freelance works are available for Sign Langauge Interpreters where then get paid on per hour basis.
  • Dog Walker: If you love dogs then you maight love this job. In this job you have to take pet dogs on a walk for an hour or two. Here you get paid upto Rs 3000 for an hour on monthly basis. Such dog walker jobs are famous in Chennai.
  • Magician: If you know some good magic tricks and have the required equipments to do those jobs then you can earn a good money using them. Some hotels and event organizers need magicians to perform in some bithday parties for kids. Handsome amount is paid for this job for 1 hr or 1/2 hr show.
  • Software Tester: If you have good knowledge of computers and languages then you can apply for this job. In this job you have to test new software and check if they are solving the purpose they are made for. You can do this job at the comfort of your home.

Apart from the above mentioned jobs there are a few more places for part time jobs such as Pizza Hut, Dominos, Cafe Coffee Day and other restaurants where you can work on part-time basis and earn good money.

If you don't have the talent required for the jobs above then you should learn any one of the above or something else (i might not have covered everything) and utilize your talent to earn money.

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