Postponed Exams / Cancelled Exams / Re - examination (Recruitment, Entrance)

Postponed Exams / Cancelled Exams / Re - examination

A number of Recruitment and Entrance Exams are cancelled every year due to various reason. We provide the information about such examinations on this page. Exams are cancelled due to elections, re-elections, natural calamities, paper leak, riots or some political reasons. Whatever the reason , but it gives extra tension to those youngster who prepare for these exams. Sometimes its hard to prepare again for re - examination but candidates do it to get a job.

If you have any doubt above the exam in which you appeared and its result is not declared, then you should check it in this list.

Exam DetailsReason of Cancellation : Official NotificationRe-Exam Date (if any)
PA/SA Direct Recruitment Examination (Madhya Pradesh Circle) held on 22-06-2014 in Madhya Pradesh CircleOrdered by the competent authority to be cancelled.
Official Notification
15.03.2015 and 22.03.2015

We can only hope that the number of exams in the above list should decrease.
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