MBA in IT Management - Salary and Scope in India

MBA in IT Management

The Information Technology Industry is a massive recruiter of graduates but hires relatively small numbers of MBAs. IT industry hires MBAs into business development, internal consulting, sales and marketing functions. Only a small number of MBAs do return to technical functions. It is very important to have the right combination of technical skills and to keep them up to date at every stage of your IT career. The syllabus of any MBA program covers business management, strategy and economics. Business runs on information and today information is shared through technology. Whether the technology comes in the form of a cash register, data warehouse or robotics production, knowing how to incorporate it into a company is essential to modern business. An MBA in Information Technology integrates business management and technology knowledge into a post- graduate program.

MBA in IT Management - Scope in India

Hardware and software companies have always recruited for technical posts at the graduate level. The scale ranges from major multi national companies like IBM which recruits about 500-600 graduates and up to 100 MBAs a year in the UK alone. The smaller software houses recruits only one or two graduates and MBAs those are often specialized in single products or small market segments such as multimedia or financial services. Smaller companies tend to hire people with a computer science background to cut back on training. The environment in a smaller company is often more entrepreneurial and hence offers broader exposure to a variety of skill sets and faster growth opportunities for an MBA student. Larger companies do provide the best training and offer rotations in different divisions.

Master of Business Administration in Information Technology (IT) is such a stream that offer a lot of job opportunities and scope in different organizations. One can join the IT team of any company or organization. There are good salaried jobs in departments of IT Governance, IT Management & Resourcing; it is a professional degree program that covers two important aspects of business management. There is a rich demand and large scope of IT professionals having expertise in business management. Information technology managers get following designation in the company: Computer Science Project Manager, Information Security Manager, Computer Networking Manager, and Information Technology Manager.

MBA in IT Management - Salary in India

The average salary for an Information Technology (IT) Consultant is Rs 700,000 per year. Your experience strongly influences income for this job. The major role of system Information manager within a software house is to provide the infrastructure to enable software engineers to work. The role can involve installing computer systems, or ensuring back-up systems are in place - and can suit a technical MBA. Managers often have to deal with complex technical hardware or software problems and may be asked to support the change management process within an organisation. Hence, this is usually quite a senior appointment, often a career progression for a software engineer. Salaries rise to as high as 1500000 lakhs per annum. Project managers can work anywhere where teams of IT professionals work together to produce a new system or piece of software. The Project Manager will typically control and coordinate the combined efforts of a team of programmers, analysts and designers, reporting to clients and interfacing with suppliers. It is a natural progression for a project manager to become involved in consultancy for which an MBA is a big plus. A Project Manager may not need technical skills, but they often help to understand the intricacies of the project and to estimate the length and cost of the project. Salaries range is from 24, 0000 to 800000 per annum in a consulting environment.

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