Pharmacist Salary in India per month (Avg Annual Gross Salary)

As pharmacy sector is getting popular in India new generation is also going towards the career opportunities in this field. Job as a Pharmacist is often preferred by men than women. Job as a Pharmacist include both retail and field work. Pharmacist salary also varies depending on the work.

Pharmacist Salary in India

Pharmacist Salary in India ranges from Rs 75000 per annum to  Rs 8 Lakh per annum. However average salary of a Pharmacist is around 1.6 Lakh annually. Freshers get a little bit less but as the experience increases Pharmacist salary also increases.

Extra Benefits in a Pharmacist Job

Job as a Pharmacist not only provides a good salary but also extra benefits like bonus and profit sharing. Bonus and profit sharing can make make the total amount even more handsome. Due to this reason most pharmacists remain satisfied with their job because they get the outcome of their efforts.

Best Cities for Good Salary as a Pharmacist

Metropolitan cities are the best place to work as a Pharmacist. We are providing a list of cities that are best for good salary as a pharmacist.

  1. Delhi (Avg Salary: Rs 250000)
  2. Mumbai (Avg Salary: Rs 200000 )
  3. Bangalore (Avg Salary: Rs 190000)
  4. Chennai (Avg Salary: Rs 185000)
  5. Kolkata (Avg Salary: Rs 160000)

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