Bank Clerk Salary 2016 Pay Scale after Revision

Bank Clerk Salary is often considered good by those candidates who are applying for bank Clerk Jobs. Before you apply for these jobs you should be fully aware of Bank Clerk Salary 2016. Bank Clerk Salary depends of the type of Bank. it differs from Government Sector Bank to Private Sector Banks. salary is not the only thing due to which candidates apply for Bank Clerk Jobs. Apart from salary they also get added facilities like HRA, Loan at low interest rates and much more. Here we are providing the details of Bank Clerk Salary 2016.

Bank Clerk Salary 2016

Bank Clerk Salary = Basic Pay + DA + HRA

The above formula can be used to calculate the salary of a bank clerk. Basic Pay usually starts from Rs 11765 and goes upto 31540.  DA is Dearness Allowance. At present most banks are providing 33.70% DA. It means 33.70% of Basic Pay. So at present DA is almost one-third of Basic Pay. HRA is House Rent Allowance, which depends on the city in which you are posted. Usually it ranges from 7% to 10% of Basic Pay. So now we will calculate the starting salary of a bank clerk.

Minimum Bank Clerk Salary = 11765(Basic) + 3882 (DA) + 882(Minimum HRA) = Rs 16529

Bank Clerk Pay Scale 2016

Basic Pay:
Rs. 11765 - (655x3) - 13730 - (815x3) - 16175 - (980x4) - 20095 - (1145x7) - 28110 - (2120x1) - 30230 - (1310x1) - 31540
The pay scale provided above means that the basic pay of bank clerk starts from 11765 and then goes upto 31540 with different annual increments.

Dearness Allowance (DA): For the month of May 2015;  June 2015, July 2015 has been fixed at 33.70% of the Basic Pay. DA is revised on quarterly basis.

HRA (House Rent Allowance) : Either 10% or 9% or 7.5% of Basis Pay(depending on the place of posting).

Special Allowance : Its added in 10th BPS (wef 01/11/2012) for clerks. It is 7.75% on which DA is also payable

Pay Scale and DA of Bank Clerks are often revised from time to time, just like employees of other sectors.

Salary structure of Private bank clerks may differ from the one provided above. Every government bank have a set of different rules and regulations. So the salary might differ from the above approximate values.
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