Career Tips and Recommendations

We dedicate a lot of time to our jobs: 7-8 hours per day, 5 or 6 days a week, 35-40 years of his life. Therefore, it is important that we do what makes us happy and what we have been successful at. It is good to choose a profession.

Choice of occupation

Choice of occupation is one of the most important decisions in a person's life. Most often, it is not just one decision. Choice of occupation is actually a process that involves a series of decisions made by an individual during their schooling and employment. These include the selection of future principal occupation and appropriate training programs. The following decisions related to finding a job that an individual will perform. Rarely will anyone deal with only one job in life. People change several jobs. This sequence of activities and occupations is called career.

While some enter college because they do not know what to do with themselves and are lost in the search for the ideal job, others recognize their future profession while being children. Whatever they do, many young people do not get helpful tips when they enter the world. They know they have to work hard to succeed and that they should 'follow their passion'. 

Follow your Passion

Follow your passion' may possibly mean that someone's passion is to sing karaoke, even though there is no hearing. Many people have plenty of passion in life, but most do not yet.

If someone tells, you to do, what you are good at, that is a quite double – edged sword advice. If you want to be good at something, it is the result of thousands of hours of study and practice. In choosing a career, we always take something that we are good at and in what we find ourselves mostly.

 One of the most important factors in measuring the satisfaction of your work is the fact that describes how your work affects the lives of other people. If you feel that in some way you help others and actually change you life, better and more successful you will be. 

Reason To work

Everyone always works because of four reasons, and they are that money, fame, power and status. - If you want any of this, you will have to constantly compete with others to get it. However, if you want to help others, you never have to compete - for those who need help, they come in a large number.
This does not mean that you should immediately give up your career and start working for Unicef
​​, but simply to develop a feeling for others. Connect in your profession what is useful and the age of 85, you will have something to tell the grandkids. 

Do’s and Don’ts during Work 

If you want to make progress is not enough to put some effort only in a one day, while others doing the same as before. If your work is not appreciated, despite the effort invested, talk to the employer to find out if you are doing something wrong are you going in the right direction.
At work, refrain from gossip, backbiting colleagues behind, a story of private life hold to a minimum because you do not need reputation as an irresponsible and lazy person. When hiring you agree to certain work ethics and rules of conduct. If you are on the brink of power, it would be better to resign yourself and stay in a very good relationship with the employer and colleagues, instead of being let of.
However, if you have misfortune that nobody cares about what and how you are doing, instead of getting upset, invest energy in search of a new job and ask about career opportunities at the same. Do something different, own your own business and be your own boss.
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